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Bryce and Lisa

OUR STORY  from 1989 to present on MAKE MONEY ONLINE


Bryce and Lisa with AGE 6 photos

Bryce and Lisa with AGE 6 photos

We traveled by RV, basically only in the Western United States and were NOT retired NOR did we have any retirement funds. We earned it as we went…remember our motto, “No Matter Where We Go There We Are”! Which means you can’t run away from the challenges of life, we just choose to experience them on the road!

Sept. 11, 1989

was our transition date from our old hectic stress filled life in the rat race of Southern California. Bryce was a month shy of 49 and wanted to see the USA in our Chevrolet (Truck and 5th Wheel Trailer). Our plan was to travel for 2 years and then settle down in a small community of 10,000 somewhere in the west! We finally found our spot 30 miles East of Reno, NV in Wadsworth,NV We loved the FREEDOM and the FLEXIBILITY to be able to go where we wanted to go, when we wanted to go, for as long as we wanted. Our only problem was just how to make enough money to sustain this lifestyle.Well we made it for 15 months before we ran out of money! We had no intention of settling down yet as we were having too much fun! What to do? Fortunately we had met some baby-boomer rvers the second month out. They were members of the ESCAPEES RV CLUB which is an ranch_rigoutstanding organization that is a must for all RVers on the road. We soon met others that also were working on the road and quickly discovered a company called American Guide Services (AGS) which produces RV Resort Visitor Guides. These guides are handed out to each RV visitor that registers and are paid for by local advertisers that wish to promote their products or services to the RVers. Our job was to sell advertising space on these visitor guides and earn commissions from the sale of each ad.


Bryce Discovers the Internet (No he didn’t invent it!)

mh.office.bryce_-300x216.jpgWhile still traveling the west and producing RV Resort Visitor Guides for AGS, a little item called the Internet was discovered in Jan 1996! Bryce has been in computers since the early days of computers (1959) working for Lockheed Calif Co in Burbank, CA as Computer Programmer, (no one ever heard of computer programmers until the late 60’s)! Finding out about the WEB, well that was it, he has never been the same since 1996. He spent over 3000 man hours developing WebWorker.com web site. WebWorker’s concept was to help everyone learn how to develope their own web site and promote it in such a manner as to create their own home-based business. WebWorker had literally thousands of web pages filled with FREE information to help anyone do what Bryce had done! Webworker.com operated until 2015 (19 years) at which time was sold to a fellow in England.

Internet access complicated our traveling flexibility. We had to plan ahead of time where we are going, order a local phone connection ahead of time, so that when we pulled in, Bryce could hook up and be online that same day. We also stayed 1 to 2 months at a time instead of 1 to 2 weeks like we did prior to the internet action.

TRIBUTE TO ELOISE …. posted July 4th, 2007

We are including Eloise in our about us page as she was an integral part of our RV life for 18 years. Sadness entered the Jackson household. Eloise was our 18 yo Maine Coon Cat that made her transition on July 3rd 2007 at 4:48pm. Today she is enjoying her independence from the physical. She was at peace when she took her last breath. My wife Lisa was away visiting family and I was at home caring for Eloise as we knew her time was near. I held her in my lap and she garnered one last purr that told me she understood and it was OK. This was the hardest thing I have had to experience since 1969 when my Father passed on with an unexpected heart attack.

Eloise was my cat since she “found” us the first week we were on the road beginning our RV lifestyle back in Sept 1989. She was a kitten that had been abandoned in a campground on the Oregon coast.

Eloise reading her book

Bryce and Lisa’s cat Eloise reading her book

Eloise has been an outstanding companion over the years and just one month earlier was walking with us and still catching rabbits on our ranch. It was hard seeing her decline and July 3rd it was obvious she could not go on much longer. Her diagnosis was a tumor attached to her bowel and spreading into her chest, plus kidney failure, so we had no other choice but to allow her to pass as peacefully as possible. Kirby just did not understand where Eloise was, as he only knew his life with her in it. He often slept in her spot and called out to her as to be looking for her. Quite a painful time for us.

Eloise taught us a lot about life and we were blessed to have had her share her life with us. Cats live in the now and have no worries about the future which is how we lived our life on the road in an RV. Freedom is now and has been a large part of life for 19 years on the road. Freedom to go where we want to go, freedom to experience nature, freedom to do nothing or freedom to do anything we chose. We had no early private retirement and have worked on the road, earning income as we went. However once I turned 62 in 2002, we learned to live off of our Social Security and Internet Income from affiliate marketing. This allowed us to continue to enjoy a relatively stress free life. Life without Eloise was challenging for awhile but her spirit lives on with us forever.

Thank you Eloise, we will forever be grateful to you and love you always.

Closing with Love, Bryce and Lisa ..


Bryce and Lisa Discover ER4YT and ATT One Rate Cell Phones!
July 1998 found us with 2 revolutionary discoveries! The first was the way we communicate with the world and the second was with our personal health. First, we subscribed to AT&T’s One Rate Cell plan that gave us cellular access with NO roaming charges and NO long distance charges! It was AWESOME! We opted for the 600 minutes per month for $89.99. In addition to the incredible access to our family at all times, the AT&T service also had a Voice Mail System that the caller is defaulted to when the Cell Phone is turned off or is out of a cell service area. Our NOKIA cell phone can also be used to get our email although it is very slow at 9600! A better choice Secondly, our health changed dramatically with the discovery of a new way to eat based upon our blood type! For the years 1992 thru 1996 we had been on a low-fat diet and done nothing but gain weight and inches to the point that we were both the FATEST and UNHEALTHIEST we had ever been in our lives.


WOW, we made it! Can hardly believe that it actually came and went so quickly! .October 2000, we went into the online auction business and resigned from AGS after 10 wonderful years. As we travel about the country, visiting antique stores, we discovered many of them did not sell their treasures on the internet. This knowledge led us to develop an operating procedure of helping other people sell their trash to people that perceive it as treasure.

Online Auction WebWorker:

Our auction webworker biz took care of ALL the work. We took pictures, created eBay auctions, collect funds, pack and ship items. We had two options, 25% commission or $5 listing fee plus 10% commission.… In 2003 we curtailed this activity and no longer sold for other people. It was a very challenging and the business world stepped in and created fixed building help-u-sell ebay assist businesses across the USA. Just look in the yellow pages to find one.


Bryce was heavily involved in Web Site Development and Internet Marketing Services 1996-2003. New clients were continually referred to us from our happy customer base. The year 2003 however was a transformative year for Bryce as he lost interest in “working”. He kept a few clients that were not very active but stopped taking on new ones until 2009. argonn.org was created as we joined Animal Rescue Group of Northern Nevada. Our last client for website development arrived in May 2016, a cat only shelter in Yerington, NV ytowncats.org

GPS and the world of GeoCaching.com became a new passion along with simulation fantasy baseball. Since we are both began receiving Social Security which covered our basic expenses, we lost our motivation to do any kind of work at all…just playing. Lisa was still hard at play doing her buying and selling of green depression glass utilizing eBay auction services. In addition we went to many live auctions, swap meets, garage sales, and flea markets …. looking for that elusive item.

June 19, 2005

Another one of those times that change the course of your life. Bryce discovered an interest from his past called simulation baseball. From age 10 until into highschool, Bryce played a game produced by Cadaco-Ellis called All-Star Baseball. It was one of the first baseball simulation games that was based upon Actual Major League Baseball Stats. Bryce’s love of playing and watching baseball completely vanished when we hit the road full time RVing in 1989 and was not rekindled until June 19, 2005. Sim Dynasty Baseball Simulation was found on the internet by searching Google for “free fantasy baseball” This is quite sophisticated involving the GM and Manager capabilities in drafting a team and then running it for season after season. Of course a season may take anywhere from 2 months to 15 days depending on how many games per day are simulated. Each league determines this frequency so there is a wide variety of simulations you can enjoy.

2005 UPDATE:

We no longer practise ER4YT but are now involved in the 3-hour diet system. We eat whatever we want to eat, just in smaller portions and eat every 3 hours. This keeps our bodies in high state of metabilism and the internal switch that gets turned on when the body begins to get hungry never gets activated. This means the bodies metabilism works constantly instead of slowing down to save food as fat, just in case another meal is consumed. The other thing about this diet is that it is FUN and EASY to do. Nothing to remember, just eat at 7am 10am 1pm 4pm and 7pm. 2016 update: Yes we are still doing this 3 hour eating system 11 years later and are in very good shape.

INTERNET INCOME update in 2005:  In our prior 10 years earning income from the internet (as high as $2,000/mo) saw most of it disappear due to a drastic change in google! Our experience of earning a nice little addition to our social security income slowed down to a trickle.

2008: OFF THE ROAD …


Bryce and Lisa Wadsworth Home in Winter

June 20th, 2008 ended out 19 yr adventure of living full time in our RV. We purchased a 28 yo manufactured home in Wadsworth, NV. Our 13 yo motorhome was getting tired and needed some well deserved time off. We also needed to find a more permanent place to live and had been looking for a home for sometime. We moved into a mobile home park right on the Truckee River with huge cottonwood and maple trees surrounding our home.It is truly a little bit of heaven here on Earth and we absolutely love it! We are now off the road permanently and fully enjoying our life outside of our RV.. We still get some twinges when we see RV’s going down the road but for the most part we are content.


We rescued a cat from the HUMANE SOCIETY in Reno, “Fiona” a large female tabby cat. Due to our LOVE of cats we also joined an animal rescue group in FERNLEY, NV. This group is mainly focused on reducing the feral cat population in the area as it was overwhelmed with feral cats. We are both still highly active with this group called ARGONN (Animal Rescue Group of Northern Nevada)


We sold our Large Motorhome in 2009 and bought a small weekender camper so we could continue our rving. We only took 1 long trip and decided we did not enjoy the part time rving experience. So after a short time we sold our small rv to Lisa’s son and his family. They loved it and went on frequent short jaunts around the Southern Calif area with their 2 kids. We are now truly off the road now permanently.


B&L2015argonnWe are now venturing back into the internet in search of additional income. Our experience with earning an income from the internet was one of our early accomplishments while fulltime rving. Everything has changed drastically in the last 10 years so we have joined forces with Dori Friend and her PAGE ONE ENGINE group. We are relearning how to rank our pages on page 1 of GOOGLE SEARCH ENGINE. Once you know how to do that, earning an income from it is easily accomplished. We are also members of iPROacademy (Traffic) and Affiloramajetpack (affiliate marketing).


Recently joined ShowMoney Network.  One of the most unusual programs to get internet beginners up and running and ALL FOR FREE. In fact he sends money to your paypal acct as you complete training tasks. Check it out HERE.  We have created our newest internet venture with webworkerincome.com website. This website is dedicated to teaching newbies or anyone INTERNET INCOME TRAINING and all for FREE.  We will rely upon donations and adsense to keep this FREE information website going.

We are also involved with WEALTHY AFFILIATE. This page offers a FREE membership to help the newbie get started with MAKE MONEY ONLINE. Everything that a newbie needs to succeed with MAKING MONEY ONLINE is available for FREE at WEALTHY AFFILIATE.

Make sure explore our website webworkerincome.com as we have LOTS of free training, free traffic ideas, free affiliate recommendations, and much more.

Hope to see you on down the road.. y’hear, (yeah we dont RV anymore but will see you in our dreams.)  Thanks for being here!

Closing with LOVE, Bryce and Lisa