August 2016

The first part of this DIGITAL ALTITUDE (DA) adventure started in JULY 2016, Read it first if you have not done so yet.

The first month of DA traffic training consisted of using FACEBOOK ADS to generate traffic to the DA funnel. However if you remember that back in March 2016, FACEBOOK suspended Bryce’s ad account.  That meant that I could not use FB to generate traffic to my DA capture page funnel, I would have to find another traffic source.

Bryce then spent a month trying to get FREE and LOW COST traffic. I got thousands and thousands of clicks that wound up costing less that $100. This was outstanding except that NOBODY signed up for the DA $1 14 day trial, That means NO INCOME.

Bryce then discussed our issue with FB with our traffic coach and he assigned us to our 4th coach. She was an outstanding individual and I was quite pleased at her approach to traffic.  We proceeded with SOLO EMAIL TRAFFIC, This is usually a great way to get traffic but it is also quite expensive. Now I am spending $400 for 500 clicks.  2 of these 500 bought $1 14 day trials.  This is NOT good enough for us to have any hope of making money with DA.

My wife and I had a long and intense discussion on Aug 24th. Our traffic coach had told us we would need to spend at least $1500 a month on SOLO ADS in order to have any chance of earning a slight income with DA. That did it, we just could not continue on this path. It was a hard decision as we were now nearing $3,000 out of pocket to have NO INCOME at all from this DA adventure.

What have we learned from this experience…. Do better research before joining.  Don’t get me wrong, DA is an outstanding opportunity to become a millionaire, it has the structure to do so… However you have to have a LOT OF MONEY to make it happen… and we just did not have that much.  If we had known how much money it would take to be successful with DA, we would have never joined.

AUGUST 25TH, 2016

Bryce is now on the search for another way to earn a substantial internet income.  Remember I have had 20 years of internet marketing experience, off and on over the years.  I have always had a lot of success in the past using SEO, search engine optimization (google) making money.  However since 2005, it has been increasingly difficult to get ranked on page 1 of google. If your not on page 1, you can forget about making any income from google searches.


Bryce has known about LTK for quite sometime but never really explored it.  On 8-26-16 I entered into another $1 10 day trial to explore in depth this LTK concept. I joined LONG TAIL PRO (LTP).  LTK is currently being touted as the easiest way to get your website ranked on page 1 of google.

I spent a great deal of time researching LTP and the many other sites that deal in LTK. The trial period allowed me start my LTK training. My very first day with LTP, I have discovered 2 long tail keywords that meet the criteria to more easily get on page 1 of google. I am still in the creation phase of building a website to do this…



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