Our Billie

Howdy all, My wife (Lisa) and I (Bryce), would like to introduce you to a true LOVE story between Billy and Bryce and Lisa…

Billy2 copy

Billy Looking Into Our Kitchen Window from the Porch

Thanksgiving 2012, that was the first time that Billy showed up outside our door. He was a rather large grey tabbycat and was definitely not a feral cat. The very first thing we noticed is Billy wanted to sit in our lap when we sit down to rest. What a LOVE he was (and still is). While in our laps, we noticed that he had been de-clawed. Immediately we knew that he was somebody’s pet and probably near-by.

We live in Wadsworth, NV on the Paiute Indian Reservation. We do not have any mail distribution at our home and must go to the local post office for our mail.  We decided to post a photo of Billy on one of the bulletin boards inside the P.O. First we had to clear it with the postmaster. When we showed her the photo, she went emotional as she recognized Billy.  Billy had been raised by her from a kitten until recently when he disappeared from her home.

The postmaster immediately made arrangements with us to pick up Billy that very day. Billy seemed happy to see her and went home with her by leaping into the back seat. No carrying case for Billy! Lisa and I were happy that we found Billy’s “MOM”. This was the day after Thanksgiving 2012. The very next morning we heard meowing from our porch… Billy was back!

Billy’s home was a couple of miles away and across a river. He had to find his way back to our place the hard way. Well, we headed off to the post office as soon as it opened of course. We brought Billy’s “MOM” (the postmaster) up to speed on his where-a-bouts. What do we do now?  We decided to do nothing except begin feeding Billy and creating a warn bed for the very cold nights. Afterall, Billy new where his OLD home was and did not want to be there anymore.

We later learned more about Billy’s “MOM” and probably what caused Billy to run away from home. Billy’s “MOM” had recently re-married (before Billy left home the first time). Her new hubby also had brought with him, a very large dog that liked to bark. It turns out that while Billy is very loving to other cats and humans, he just does NOT LIKE dogs!

It did not take Billy very long to let us know that he wanted to come into our home. Fiona, our 9 yr old female tabbycat, was having none of that. She went into a “TIZZY” just looking at Billy through our windows. In addition to Fiona’s reaction, we had two other cats inside our small mobile home. We only had room for 1 litter box for 3 adult cats, so we felt we just could not bring Billy inside. A tough decision as that first year, Billy was an outdoor cat during the start of a cold winter in Northern Nevada.


Billy laying in Lisa’s Flower Container

Billy adjusted to living outside on our porch. He would always help us do any outdoor chore. He would follow us around and just wait for us to sit down in a chair… then he would leap up on our lap with the LOUDEST purr ever. He just wanted to be part of whatever we were doing.

Billy also learned to accept our feral cat colony. We belong to ARGONN, Animal Rescue Group of Northern Nevada and attempt to keep the feral cat population stable. We were feeding one other feral female cat at this time, and Billy and “Momma” (as we called the feral) always shared feeding time together.


Billy with his stitches

This Billy and Momma situation went on for a couple of years until Momma decided to leave in 2014. Also in 2014, Billy had a run in with a racoon one night. He was pretty torn up around his rear but doing a good job of taking care of his wound. We took Billy to our local vet to get stiched up. Billy recovered pretty rapidly and soon you could not tell anything had been wrong.

We live along a river and there is much wildlife around, coyotes, deer, racoons, eagles, hawks, etc.  Lots of ways feral cats and outdoor tame cats such as Billy can get into trouble. This was his ONLY injury while being with us.

Billy lived with us for almost 3 years until our park manager gave us the order to remove all outdoor cats from our home. Residents in the park were demanding that NO OUTDOOR CATS, feral or domestic be allowed in the park. We had to find a home for Billy.

Our feral cat colony also had to be gone.  We trapped our only feral and took him to the Reno Humane Society. We also helped a neighbor trap 2 ferals that she also took to the Reno Humane Society.

Back to Billy…. we created a flyer about what a great cat Billy was, along with many photos of him around our home, in the garden, etc. One evening we were out to dinner at our favorite restaurant with our favorite waitress. We gave her  packet about Billy with about 10 photos. She said she would show it around and help us find a home for Billy.

The very next week, we were back for dinner again, our favorite waitress was excited. She said she had decided to adopt Billy. She lives in a small appt. a few miles from the restaurant and cats are welcome there. She has never had a cat and thought she was alergic to cats. All of her co-workers had encouraged her to adopt Billy. She decided to take a chance and do it.

Billie12-22-14Six months passed and Billy and “MOM3” are very happy. Billy has adjusted quite quickly (like 1 day) to living full time indoors. He has not asked to go outside once. He sleeps with “MOM3” every night and she has not had any sign of being alergic to Billy.

Every week we get a Billy report from “MOM3” about how wonderful and loving he is. She is just ecstatic over sharing her life with Billy.

Finding a home for Billy was very difficult for Lisa and I, as we so LOVED him. We still miss him everytime we go outside to do anything. Yes, we have visited Billy in his new appt. home and we know that he is now in his “purrfect” home. The LOVE that “MOM3” shows him makes us KNOW FOR SURE, that we did an OUTSTANDING job in finding “MOM3” for Billy. We can feel the LOVE that exists in Billy’s life!