Our Cats

Cats and Kittens are an integral part of Bryce and Lisa’s life. In our 30+ years together, we have had 9 cats. Three lived at our Akashic Record bookstore in the 1980’s. Amara, Saki, and Muldoon. Two lived with us as we traveled and worked on the road full-time for 19 years, Eloise and Kirby. Four have been with us in our more recent journey in Wadsworth, NV. Three indoor cats, Fiona, Fonzi, Opie, and 1 outdoor cat Billie.

Bryce had never lived with a cat in his prior relationships, only dogs! So from 1984 to this day, no dogs allowed, only cats and kittens. Lisa in her earlier relationships had both dogs and cats, so she was prepared for a life with only cats.


They were all OUTSTANDING and extraordinary cats to be sure.  Unfortunately we do NOT have any photos of them today. Most all of our Akashic Records customers absolutely loved our store cats. Muldoon loved to roam the adjacent business to us on Thousand Oaks Blvd, Thousand Oaks, CA. They also loved him dearly and would feed him if he was hungry.

In 1986 we decided to sell the Akashic Record Bookstore and get into another business with another couple. This was really hard because we did not know what to do with our cats. Fortunately the new owner also loved cats and insisted that they would be part of the sale. So they stayed living in the book store. Sadly Amara had passed on in 1984, so only Saki and Muldoon stayed.

Bryce and Lisa however were only a few miles away in their new business, so visiting the “kids” Saki and Muldoon was a frequent occurance. Then came the really really hard challenge of leaving the area in 1989 to begin our new spiritual journey of RVing the USA. Even after we left in ’89 we would return 2 or 3 times a year to visit our children and of course we would visit Saki and Muldoon also.


We have photos of Eloise and Kirby! Sept 11, 1989 we left Thousand Oaks on a Grey Hound bus headed for Junction City, Oregon. We had already ordered a 40ft 5th wheel and a new ’89 Chevy pickup to pull it.

Eloise8:05Our very first night at a RV park on the Oregon coast, we would remember for the next 18 years. A tiny baby kitten was meowing like crazy just outside of our door. She was alone and seemed lost. We immediately contacted the park management about the kitten. We were informed that the kitten had been abandoned by a prior RVer and we could have her if we wanted her.

Since we loved cats so much, it was a no brainer to adopt this little kitten. Lisa’s meditation the next day revealed the name “Eloise” as kitten was on her lap at the time. So it seemed like a great name and it was immediately accepted by Bryce and Lisa. Eloise quickly adjusted to her new home and was quite an incredible animal.  She had no problem with our traveling, as she would always find a favorite place of here to cuddle up in.

Bryce and Lisa traveled the Western Part of the US for the next few years, working for AGS. Our job was to produce RV visitor guides for RV parks. We would stay in an RV park for free, while we were selling advertising in the local area. Selling ads produced enough income for AGS (Port Angeles, WA) to create the guide and for us to earn a nice commission. AGS would then send the RV Park the finished guide. It was truly a win-win-win situation for all.

cat02Spring 1992 found us along the Ventura, CA coast to meet some AGS associates. While visiting with them they introduced us to a tuxedo black and white kitten that they had rescued in Colorado.They also had 2 dogs in their RV, so they had their hands full with the addition of this darling little kitten. It did not take them very long to begin their pleading with us….. please give Eloise a traveling companion. We did not put up much of a fight, as we knew a companion would be a great thing for Eloise and for the new little kitten as well.

The plan was to see if Eloise would accept the little guy, so we moved him into our rig the very first night. That did it, Eloise seemed to really love the new addition to her living space. We accepted the new kitten and went on our way towards our next job. What to name him! We settled on naming the kitten after the people that rescured him for the winter snow in Colorado a few months earlier.

Kirby (male) was quite an active cat compared to Eloise (female), but they got along just fine. As we traveled to different RV gatherings, it soon became apparent that Kirby loved to roam around the gathering.. He was quite a friendly cat and soon rvers would visit us just to see Kirby.  He was becoming famous as he had a special trick he did when he climbed our ladder to get on the roof. You had to see it to believe it. He went up and down using the BACK of the ladder, with Kirby’s back up against our rig. He would then just go right up, using his paws on the ladder. No body had ever see a cat climb that way, so he was famous for it.


2007 was definitely a very SAD year for us. Both of our RV cats passed away very unexpectedly. Eloise was 18 and Kirby was 15. What a wonderful experience we had with those two, we will forever be grateful to them for providing such a loving life with us.  We were without cats for the first time in all of Elolise’s 18 years.  Things were just not the same without those two around.

The passing of both of our long time cat buddies in 2007, really affected both of us. By 2008 we decided that we needed a change, to get off the road and settle down in a home. Thus by June 2008 we bought a mobile home in a mobile home park located in Wadsworth, NV. We chose this park because it was located next to the Truckee River with lots of huge beautiful  cottonwood trees. It reminded us of our RV experience living in nature.


DSCN8153We were not in our new home long before we wanted another CAT. We decided to rescue another cat but an adult one this time. That decision preceded our trip to Reno Humane Society Animal Shelter. Fiona actually picked us and not the other way around. As we walked through the shelter and passed by cage after cage (which we hate), one cat stuck its pay out of the cage and grabbed onto Bryce’s arm. We asked to visit with this cat in a private room, to see if we wanted to adopt her.  She seemed friendly enough and seemed to adjust to us, so we adopted her.

We decided to keep her name FIONA (6 yrs old)  that the shelter had been using. So our cat venture in our new Wadsworth home had began. Soon we also had a feral  cat visiting us on a daily basis. Shortly after that we discovered our feral cat visitor also had 3 kittens. She was searching for a safe place to move her kittens to. When we discovered her kittens, we name this feral MAMA.


mama cat croppedThis new activity with feral cats and kittens caused us to search out people to help us with the ferals. We found a local group in Fernley, NV that dealt with feral cats and promptly joined the group for support. We continued with Mama by getting her spayed and when the kittens were old enough, they also got spayed.  Our new volunteer work with ferals still continues to this day with ANIMAL RESCUE GROUP OF NOTHERN NEVADA. (ARGONN).


FonziOpieOver the next 5 years we rescued 2 more kittens, FONZI and OPIE. Fonzi is a tuxedo black and white kitten and reminded us of our RV cat KIRBY, so we just had to adopt him. OPIE came along about a year and half later to increase our indoor cats to three. He had been fostered by close friends of ours and they called him LOVER BOY. He was so loving and still is to this day. OPIE is a grey tabby cat just like ELOISE was. We are really fond of grey tabbies and black tuxedo cats… don’t you think?BILL


Billie12-22-14Billie, our outdoor cat simply because we did not have room in our small mobile home. Also FIONA was not at all happy to see BILLIE through the windows.

Billie showed up Thanksgiving 2012. Since we were feeding ferals at the time, food was always available and Billie moved right in. We new BILLIE was not a feral as he had NO front claws, he had been de-clawed (something we do not recommend).

We put up pictures of BILLIE at our local post office. The post mistress immediately recognized him as her cat she had raised from a kitten. However BILLIE had run away a year earlier. She took BILLIE home that same day. However BILLIE did not like being in her home as she had obtained a large dog. (BILLIE does not like dogs.)

If you want to read BILLIES entire story click HERE.


Well that does it, You have been introduced to all 9 of our cats. Since cats have 9 lives, I guess that means that we are not going to get any more cats.