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DIABETES has quite a story to tell.. Today we will focus on how to lower your blood sugar naturally.

The year was 2010, November as I remember,  when I was first diagnosed with diabetes. I had just been to an acupuncturist and he was quite alarmed by my blood pressure of 300/180. He immediately recommended that I go to an emergency care center as my readings were dangerously high. I did just that only to find out that I needed a MD recommending me for testing protocol.  I did not have an MD so one was assigned to me at the center.  Well after my initial MD visit and many tests later which included a complete lab workup, my blood sugar was 300 and A1C was 8.0

The very first thing that my new doctor (actually an APN) prescribed for me was 2000/day dosage of metformin. My body however was not happy with such a high metformin dosage. My APN lowered it to 1000 per day which turned out to be acceptable to my body. I immediately began researching diabetes using google and discovered a completely different view of type II diabetes. Big Pharma is controlling what the medical profession must adhere to for insurance purposess.  Medication such as metformin is high on the list of how to control diabetes.  I am not a fan of medication, so I wanted a natural way to manage my diabetes. How to lower blood sugar naturally was my goal right from the start.

Diet and Exercise, is the way that I controlled my blood sugar.  I discovered thousands of diabetics that had more serious blood sugar readings than I had, were taking themselves off of medication.  The consensus was simply diet and exercise, so I said to myself… I can do that and I did. It took me a lot longer to get to a blood sugar of 100 in the morning than I wanted.  I continued with a small dosage of metformin (500) for a couple of years before stopping.  Finally, since 2013 I have been free from all diabetes medication. My A1C as of now (2015) is at 5.5 and my morning blood sugar is 95-100, so am I cured or not?

Diet is the most confusing thing to me still at this late date.  I have basically been on a low carbohydrate diet with almost no sugar intake at all.  I changed my diet in 2011 to include mainly  fruits and vegetables as those seemed to be the most important to lowering blood sugar.  I forgot to tell you that Oct 29th, 2015 I will be 75, so age is not a determining factor in healing yourself.

how to lower blood sugar naturally

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Married in 1986, we sold everything we had, bought an RV and hit the road for a 19 year adventure in 1989. No income, no major savings, we found a way to make it work.

We discovered the internet and things were never the same after that. Bryce learned to create websites and began to earn an income from businsesses along the road.

By the year 2000 we were making nearly a full time salary and were quite happy with our progress. We were still traveling all over the West.

We now saw a major change in our lifestyle, as Bryce turned 62 and decided to activate our social security. We reduced our website creation activity and began to utilize google’s adsense program to continue our internet income. We were doing quite well until google changed things drastically, and then with very little income we decided to get off the road and settle down in a small community.

In 2008 we sold our RV and bought a small mobile home in Wadsworth, NV (30 miles East of Reno). Our internet activity basically consisted of using the internet for personal reasons.

We have been involved in an ANIMAL RESCUE GROUP OF NORTHERN NEVADA ( We are mainly focused on CATS as they have been completely ignored in our community especially feral cats.  We participate in TNR program, (Trap, Neuter, Return) to reduce the feral cat population. We are both involved in ARGONN management, which keeps us quite busy with our volunteer work.

Now its 2015 and a new wave of energy has consumed us to once again earn an income from the internet using SEO and affiliate marketing.