HOWDY ALL – What is our Purpose of Life?

HOWDY ALL, My name is Bryce Jackson and wife is Lisa Jackson. and this is our latest blog relates to our Purpose of Life. We have had many over the years dating back to 1996. In 2018 we are expanding our marketing to include AMAZON as it is now the leading company in sales to the public over the internet.

Our internet marketing has evolved over the years to now include SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Read our August 2016 post to see our latest SEO adventures.

Our lifestream goal is to combine our spirituality with internet marketing. We have always strived to help others in their spiritual journey and in their internet marketing journey.  It all seems quite challenging at times but that is the reason we are here on Earth at this time… To experience the dualities of life and use them to grow in our spiritual awareness.

Bryce and Lisa’s spiritual journey began in 1974. It has been a long and rewarding journey for sure. If you really want to discover what we discovered since then, please read about us.