January 2016

Howdy all,  A year and a new make money online program entered our lives.  This one really appealed to us as it was concerned with SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING called SOCIAL PROFIT MACHINE (SPM).  Using facebook to drive traffic to our website catsandkittensinlove.com

Our cats and kittens website presented educational info and lots of videos and photos of cats and kittens.  We were very happy with our website and how we were received by the social media people.  Every day we posted 4 posts about cats and kittens to create the activity necessary to produce a quality website. It took us about a month to get to the point of earning an income from the internet using GOOGLE ADSENSE.

During our involvement with SPM we put everything else we were doing on hold. This program was very time consuming to get going. After the first month we got the time down to about 2 hours a day.

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