July 2015

Wow, the months seem to be going by faster and faster.  Bryce is in a very steep learning curve that involves coming up to date with how to create websites in todays world. His old style of website development does not work well in todays mobile devices…. so WORDPRESS seems to be the answer to create responsive formats for cell phones.

We are now members of one of the top SEO authorities (Dori Friend) in her latest offering called PAGE ONE ENGINE. A site that helps all of its members rank a keyword based website on PAGE ONE of google, youtube, bing, yahoo, and amazon.

Meanwhile PAGE ONE ENGINE (POE), continued to release module after module of different ways to earn income from the internet using SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO). The amount of information was overwhelming to Bryce as it is quite challenging.  Finally we just started to focus on those programs that really interest us, affiliate markeing.

We learned about LAUNCH JACKING, a marketing strategy relating to future affiliate marketing launches. This intrigues us and something we will be doing in the future. Right now we are still deeply involved in learning all the new technisques. Affiliate marketing has also been presented to POE members and it is OUTSTANDING,  So many changes is how to create a google friendly website in order to rank on page one of google searches.

Our assignment is to do a LAUNCH JACKING.  Our mentor is Jeff Lenney, a very successful launch jacker.  Launch jacking is based on discovering future releases of products and creating review websites about the product or services coming.  The website visitor if interested will  be directed to the sales page and when they buy, a referral commission will be paid to us. So off we go to join MUNCHEYE… a place to discover future launches.

Another opportunity presented itself, Jimmy Kim and his Build Email Marketing program (BMI).  This works hand in hand with POE as it creates a email list of prospective buyers. We are lifetime members but have not been able to get involved yet, too much info input so far… but when BMI 2.0 is released in Oct/Nov we will be in need of creating our own email marketing list.