July 2016

Howdy all, This is the month that we decided to leap into another internet marketing company, DIGITAL ALTITUDE.  We did what we thought was a thorough research and joined for their trial $1 for 14 days.  What do we have to lose, it’s only a buck! Wow were we totally surprised by the outcome of this one dollar.

What we really liked about this program was that we were assigned a coach right from the very beginning. Training has always been one of the weaker areas in all of the programs we have been involved in. It only took this coach 3 days to convince us to join DA. We knew that the monthly charge would be $37.00, so that seemed reasonable to us…. after all we got a coach! This was quite a coach, or should we say, quite a salesman!

This was our 1st coach of 4 that we would experience over the next 6 weeks.  He sold us on the fact that we needed to UPGRADE to the next level in order to have any chance of making real money. Remember we were prepared to pay $37 per month but were finally talked into buying into the next level called RISE. The cost to do this was only …… $1997.00 but wait, we were gonna be able to earn thousands and thousands of dollars in such a short period of time.

We were immediately assigned to our 2nd coach, who lived in Helena, Montana. He led Bryce through a series of training modules with SKYPE communication everyday.  It was quite wonderful to have a coach answer all of my questions as we went along.  It took about a week  to get through this initial training and then came the strong recommendations to UPGRADE again. This time we again told that we could not make any real money at the RISE level and needed to upgrade to the ASCEND level. However this next step needed $10,000.00 which we did not have.  Our coach (salesman) introduced us to loan companies and suggested we use additional credit cards (he knew we had great credit).

We were now getting a little suspicious of what we had gotten ourselves into.  At this point we had no income and now they wanted a whole lot more money to continue!  We decided NOT to upgrade to ASCEND and were immediately given a new TRAFFIC coach. Bryce thought that this is exactly what he needed, as getting traffic to websites is always very challenging.


The first month of traffic training consisted of using FACEBOOK ADS to generate traffic to the DA funnel. However if you remember that back in March 2016, FACEBOOK suspended Bryce’s ad account.  That meant that I could not use FB to generate traffic to my DA capture page funnel, I would have to find another traffic source.

Bryce then spent a month trying to get FREE and LOW COST traffic. I got thousands and thousands of clicks that wound up costing less that $100. This was outstanding except that NOBODY signed up for the DA $1 14 day trial, That means NO INCOME.

Bryce then discussed our issue with FB with our traffic coach and he assigned us to our 4th coach. She was an outstanding individual and I was quite pleased at her approach to traffic.  We proceeded with SOLO EMAIL TRAFFIC, This is usually a great way to get traffic but it is also quite expensive. Now I am spending $400 for 500 clicks.  2 of these 500 bought $1 14 day trials.  This is NOT good enough for us to have any hope of making money with DA.

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