MAY 2015

Bryce and Lisa  decided to once again pursue internet marketing to increase our income. We first began internet marketing in 1996 while full time rving.  Bryce started by creating websites for RV parks as we traveled the west. Eventually we discovered that we could earn income through google and their adwords, adsense programs.  This approach proved to be quite successful for us and continued all the way to 2005.

The last 10 years have seen a declining involvement with the internet and a transition from a fulltime rving lifestyle to a more normal home in Wadsworth, NV.  2008 saw us settle down in a mobile home park next to the Truckee river with lots of trees surrounding us, ah nature is wonderful.  Now in 2015, our social security just does seem to last through an entire month, so our decision to head back to what we have been successful doing in the past,  internet marketing.