October 2015

HOWDY ALL,  Oct 29th is Bryce’s 75th birthday.. Happy Birthday!

DIABETES has a significant story to tell.. Today we will concentrate on THE TRUTH ABOUT DIABETES.

Hello all, I will end up presenting my perssonal encounters with diabetes. This information was quite devastating in my experience when I first discovered the diagnosis.

The 12 months was 2010, November when i remember, when I was initially diagnosed, as I had signs or symptoms of diabetes. I had just visited an acupuncturist and he or she was quite alarmed through my blood pressure associated with 300/180. He immediately recommended that I go to an crisis care center as my personal readings were dangerously higher. I did just that only to discover that I needed the MD recommending me in order for me to have any testing done

I didn’t have an MD therefore one was assigned for me at the center. Well after my preliminary MD (APN) visit and several tests later which included an entire lab workup, my blood sugar levels was 300 and A1C had been 8. 0 The initial thing that my new APN prescribed personally was 2000/day dosage of metformin. My body however wasn’t happy with such a higher metformin dosage. My APN finally decreased it to 1000 per day which ended up being acceptable to my entire body. I immediately began studying diabetes using google and discovered a totally different view of type 2 diabetes. The Controlling Pharma is managing what the medical profession must stick to for insurance purposess.

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