Our Spiritual Journey

1974 – This is when Bryce and Lisa’s spiritual journey actually began. (We did not know each other and were both in long term marriages.) Bryce decided to prove astrology as a bunch of hogwash! He bought an astrology book and began studying. Most of what he had heard about astrology came from the newspapers and their astrology sun sign columns. Well it was clear that if that was all astrology was about then he could just move on.



This book was quite an amazing eye opening look into astrology. Quickly Bryce discovered that astrology is much more than your sun sign! For example he discovered that the planet Saturn influenced times that changes were required in our lives. In fact every 7 years often something significant happens in our life. He looked at his life and discovered, YES every 7 years something did change.  Maybe there was some truth in astrology.

1975-  Bryce spent the next year studying, doing charts, exploring more books on astrology.
Finally in Sept he put an ad into the local paper… ‘KNOW YOURSELF THROUGH ASTROLOGY” Anxiously awaiting phone calls requesting his service, he finally got one… from Lisa T. Wow, we are on our way now!



1976- One year later Lisa T. found out about a new metaphysical book store was opening on Thousand Oaks Blvd by a Bryce Jackson. (Thousand Oaks, CA in Ventura County). Opening was scheduled for Sept 11th at 10a.m. So she made sure that she was the first one there as she is an ARIES. Lisa perused the sparse inventory and found something to buy. When checking out she introduced herself and mentioned her phone call a year earlier.  Bryce was quite shocked and also vividly remembered her phone call… In fact it was the ONLY phone call he received from his ad. Bryce recalled their 1 hour talk and discovered that the two of them had a great rapport.



1984- Yes, Lisa is still around, in fact since 1977 when she became a partner, she took over the management of the book store (Akashic Record). Bryce left his Lockheed job in 1978 and started his own computer business.  “INSTANT DATA SYSTEMS”. The spring of 1984 both Bryce and Lisa were having inner feelings about the rest of their lives. Change was what was being called for. A local channeler was in the store giving readings on 8-7-84 when she came racing out to the front desk where Bryce and Lisa were talking. She said that she had a message for us from her guides. The time had come for Bryce and Lisa to join their spiritual energies into a oneness. At the end of the reading we looked at each other and we FELT our energies join together in this oneness. From that point on we could not stop thinking about each other. By the end of 1984, we had both ended our marriages to our long time spouses.



1985– Spring of ’85 found us living together in a condo near the Akashic Record. Our divorces had been filed and we were anxiously awaiting our 1 year waiting period in CA. While our energy togetherness started in 1976, our physical oneness started in 1984. A complete physical and spiritual oneness!
This year the Akashic Record and another partner, produced the WHOLE LIFE EXPO. It was held at the Pasadena Convention Center. All presenters were well known in their alternative belief field which brought record crowds to the event.

1986- Bryce and Lisa were married in Ojai, CA on (yep you guessed it).. August 7th. Our 2 year anniversary of our spiritual and physical oneness.

1987- Bryce was beginning about his 49th birthday coming up in 1989. As we neared 1989 his thoughts were stronger and stronger and a yearning for yet another major change was upon us. We were worn down by all the traffic and people in Southern Calif. What to do?



1989- The summer found us finally deciding on our course of action. We would sell our business, sell our condo, sell everything we could think of and put the rest in storage. RVing had really attracted us as we loved nature so much. We bought a 5th wheel rv trailer and a Chevy pickup to pull it. We did this over the phone to a dealer in Oregon. On Sept 11, 1989 we boarded a greyhound bus in Thousand Oaks and headed up to Oregon to pick up our RV.

1990- It only took us a year to run out of money. Our intention was to travel the USA and find a small town (10,000)  in the West to settle down in. We had not yet found this town but we absolutely loved rving and decided we needed to work on the road. We met some other RVers in a campground that were doing what we wanted to do, work on the road and travel in our RV. They introduced us to AGS, American Guide Services out of Port Angeles, WA. This job was incredible, we stayed free in RV parks, produced a visitor guide for the RV park (free of charge) by selling local advertising in the area. This was a win-win-win situation for all concerned as we earned a nice commission for selling the ads, the RV park got a FREE visitor guide, and AGS produced the visitor guide.



1996- While still rving and working for AGS, Bryce discovered the internet. Since his background was in computers he was drawn to this outstanding new concept. Online Internet Marketing… making money online from a computer within our RV… wow what a concept.

If you would like to see the rest of our Spiritual Journey, take a look at our ABOUT US page. It goes from 1989 to the PRESENT.